Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Used to Sing This for Me

Love me tender,
Love me sweet,
Never let me go.

You have made my life complete,
And I love you so.

Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfilled.

For my darlin I love you,
And I always will.

Love me tender,
Love me long,
Take me to your heart.

For its there that I belong,
And well never part.

Love me tender,
Love me dear,
Tell me you are mine.

Ill be yours through all the years,
Till the end of time.


Emi said...

waa!! lagu elvis!! my favourite!! he used to sing this to you? so sweet!!!

fio said...

yurp. dulu la. :P skarang nyanyi lagu calle ocho je

"you know i want you,
i know you want me"


A.L.I said...

giler lah...jgn kate si sahar nyanyi lagu tuh kat ko...woooyooooooooooooo...awww...awww..awwww...jeles ii~~!!!! ^_^