Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dancing Day with 'Dancing with the Stars'

found this video clip on Kim's blog. press play and you might dance along with it! ;)

p/s: i do think it resembles N'Sync + Backstreet Boys from the yester-years. the kinda fun music yet injected with more fresh mood into it.


nadxoxo said...

sonok denga lagu ni ^^

fio said...

bagus la. sile dance ngan lagu nih. semoge sehat cepat!!


md said...

layan doooo~..sape pnyanyi asal?

fio said...

ade penyanyi asal ker?

yg ako dpt penyanyi dier "Ballas Hough Band".

layan kan? *high 5 sket*

A.L.I said...

nate nih?