Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Morning and Mourning

"Woof! woof! woof!"

their bark has woke me from my sleep. enuff with one annoying phone alarm (which is helpful anyway, don't get me wrong. you really need your phone alarm to be annoying in order for you to wake up. muahahahah).

but their timing is earlier than my alarm. awal 30 menet je pon :P but stillllllll, i really value those 30 minutes. you can still continue to roll on your bed which is the coziest place, golek golek golek golek. sape tanak. heaven tuh.

tried to continue golek-ing but can't, so with my half-open eyes, i reached out my hand to the window and try to figure out what's happening.

ade 4 ekor, 2 side gang anjing (east side, west side) yg ganas sedang berbalas salakan kat tanah lapang belakang rumah. pergh nih je ke puncanye?

still tgk je..mamai kan. but then, one of the dog from the other side moved to the other gang. and they were still barking, which means.. 3 vs 1 plak la kan?

gosok-gosok mata, tengok bebetul.

i really, really, really shaken with what i saw.

seekor kucing dan 3 anjing. 3 anjing tengah kepung kucing. derang main pusing-pusing kepung kucing tuh.

gile ke?

still watching (sambil bace doa yg kucing tuh bleh escape). kucing dah dlm fight mode, and was trying to flee from the enemy's circle. he tried but..

i can see from my window he was struggled with all his might to escape from their grip. he was going to run, yet he didn't make it as i can see his white fur has turned red. i closed my window hastily because i don't want to know how it's end.

and somehow, i feel defeated.