Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Job Matter

i really need another job. a job that can occupy me jobs for 9 hours at the office without wandering around doing nothing. yer macam melangut depan pc buat buat bz. atau keluar lepak lepak. atau _______ (sile isi sendiri)

i do like free time, who doesn't? but if the free time means lingering like this for 1 year and a plus (and coming.. oh!), i would go nuts in no time. haha.

eh what? find something to fill in your free time at the office?

i really have enough to think more on what to do in my free time. dah mati kutu. i admit i'm not the one that will study during my free time. i'm the one who study last minute; means if i do get the job, and then i will go study for it. i'm not proud of it, but that's myself. i'm no angel to study during my free time without knowing what's waiting me. (ok mungkin ako patut berubah sket disini. hehe) and here, 1 year and a plus without any major improvement. nothing? yes, it is trully a big dissapointment.

but, can i survived out there without having good resume while working here in company xXx? ceh, ako pon dah tiru xXx. tajaan cikpest honestly, i don't know. i really don't. the last option that i have is just




i'm so happy for you dear! shie's coming home and hell yeah we'll rock KL like we used to! <3 u

p/s: aca tgh praktikal skang kat KLCC. bimbang plak ngan adik ako sorang tuh. huhu

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

He Wrote this while I'm Away

lurve her for her differences,
clumsiness, weirdness, ups and downs,

be the cure when she's sick,

miss her when she's not around,

accept her in all kind of nature,
tall, square, triangle, circle, cylinder, round,

be in the positive when she is in the negative,

hold her hand when she slips,

be the diary for her to spills her heart out,

scream together with her when she ever wanted to let her emotions out,

share her dreams, share her passion, share her fantasies..

try to pardon her mistakes,

immediately say sorry when u made one,

play along her favourite sports..bowling..

indulge together her favourite ice-cream..waffle berry strawberry..

read her blogs, share her thoughts, share her stories,

know her friends, respect her friends, befriend with her friends,

cuddle her like a baby, gently give a kiss on her cheeks while lying side by side under the starry night,

give her chocolate, she likes ferrero rocher..sent her flowers, she likes stargazer,

cherish her while she is here, in the heart where u will keep it dear...coz from the moment u open your eyes in the morning until u close it again at night, everything u do in between will always reminds u about her…


mao berenti mencarut. tetapi bagaimana? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

semalam, en bf ckp " you mencarut lagy, you kene bayar i seringgit" *pakai topeng garang*

wah wah. tatau ke, ako kan kedekut. maneleh bayar seringgit sewenang wenangnye. lagy lagy pasal bende yang tak berfaedah nih.

lagy lagy kalo dlm satu hari tuh, sploh kali carut. mao seploh hengget ako kene. kalo lebey?

isk. tanakla. baik makan kat tempat yang best. kan kan?

korang-korang, tolong-lah ako! *menangis sambil berguling-guling macam biase*


p/s: saye tahu saye jahat. saye tahu saye nih tak baik sangat. tapi saye ingin berubah jadik baik. baik sket pon takpe, asal ade kebaikan didalam diri saye. hidup ini hanyalah sementara. saye tanak jadik jahat selamanye. maafkan saye kerna mengeluarkan kate kate buruk itu.

Monday, November 24, 2008

He He He He

* BIG GRIN * hihihihihihi

at last, my get away! yeay! hope i do enjoy myself there although my sis have said it's gonna be raining over there. ape ape je la kan? asal leh coci mate

see you next week then! :D

p/s: best best leh lari lari lari lari lari dan lari. eh eh, please pray for me a safe journey :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beyond My Control

from where i'm standing now, it's not a beautiful view anymore. all the hopes where my faith are, have been collapsed along with the trust i put in you. if i do owe you an appology, please forgive me then. i'm tired, seriously i'm tired. are you satisfy now by making me in this state? what would you do when it's happening to you? will you remember this and hope it never happen? i never asked for something bad to happen to you, cause trust me, i dear you. but i just don't want to hurt myself and be in denial. and i backed off. so please, just stop. i have enough of it already.

"i am hurt than ever..".

thanks for showing the true color. lotsa peeps asked me to move on but i don't want. i thought i can mend it. i thought somehow i can make it better. but i've failed. i guess it's time for me to retreat. it's the best for now. thanks.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Weird-ness

do you know a person around 160cm tall, slender, cute girl being pushed away by the big whoosh-whoosh wind while phoning her friend, all way back there from UK to Malaysia? if you do, please tell her to not go out alone again without any companion as she might really be flew by the wind. hehehe lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- anyway, after a fun week teaching my juniors, i guess i'm back to my normal life. man, i'm so desperate to do another job that relating to what i'm doing now, which i hope to give me more chance to improve myself in this technology. instead, i'm getting another editorial job. yeah the sidang redaksi sekolah editorial job. oh mind you, it's not that i'm hating it. it's just, something that happen to not related to my job scope at all. weird for a software engineer like me (ye sangat software engineer) to do an editor's job. but... somehow, actually i'm having fun with it! go ask 'why?' and the answer would be that i've learned something new from it; photoshop which i'm not that familiar to, and now it's fun to do some design using it. walaaahh siap satu design ecewah padahal bukan hebat mane pon.

walao bagamaina pungg, bukannye hambe nak bercerite pasal itu disini. i just want to write what i'm feeling inside now. i really do. *sigh*

i want to scream out straight from my lungs "AKO BOSAN GILE DAH NIHHHHHH" at my cubicle, but sadly i would straightly be recognized as someone who has lost her mind and should be sent to the famous Tanjung R. and i don't want for them to react that way. the money that would be used to send me there would cost them a fortune, and it's gonna be a waste to spend money in that way. pegy shopping lagy bagus. kan kan kan.

*sigh lagy skali*

ok la ako straight to the point ke topic utama la. Tagged by Ms Nadxoxo


1. ako rase ako normal. pelikkan ako? padahal normal ke ako macam nih? haih

2. hurm, i dunno either this is weird or not, but when i'm sort of want to joke around in the angry mode (konon-konon marah), i tend to kembang kempiskan idung i yg kembang nih. mr bf and mr syafiq K have innocently seen it, realized it and totally stunned by the degree of the 'nose opening' (i think so). at one point, mr bf imitated my way, and i straightly recognized it right away and told him to not do that again as i already patent it on my name. ye biar ako sorang je kembang kempis idong. toksah nak tiru tiru.

3. i'm a seasonal food eater. let's say now i'm in the mood of eating char kuey teow botak SK, and i would be craving it for some time. i still can eat it today although it's just yesterday i've ate it. and it could last for a few days, or a week. then it'll be back to normal, and when the craving come again, the schedule wouldn't dissapoint me in doing the same as the previous one. but this only applies to some dishes, not all.

4. i can be in any emotion just in a blink of eyes. yes, i can be happy and sad or angry in a split second to be precise. i'm not proud of it, but it's in my nature. my bf even said that "it's enough to tell that you have a mood of the monsoon". berubah rubah. hurm..

5. i like to think way far behind although the things are still under control. many says it's norm for us to think like that, but for me it's a burden and even i want to get rid of it, it still stuck here in my own self. it would be nice to have just a little thing to be worried.

6. i love to play a part of the genre i listened to. standard 2, dengar lagu Feminin "Untukmu", dah mule meraban nak start a girl's group. standard 6, i've imagined to be the backup dancer of BSB. yes, with the feeling to stare deep at Nick Carter while he's singing "As Long As You Love Me". ye sume tuh hanyalah angan-angan budak kecik. form 2, GreenDay was one of my favourite band at that time. started to feel ala ala Tre Cool. ye la cayalah. balik rumah ketuk je ape ape yg bleh di ketuk. form 3, got the chance to know Butterfinger. amek raket badminton layan goreng. cayalah jugak. anyway, thanks god, it just stopped there. me now into singing and dancing only, so it's something that i really can do instead of ketuk tong or goreng raket badminton. so un-cool ok.

7. sometimes, i can feel that i treat some of my friends like my sisters/brothers, as in treated them like i treat Abang, Aca, Akim or Asha. it's kinda disturbing, haha. ye la derang bukan adik adik ako. tp ako treat cam adik-adik ako. so end up, they will be bullied by me. just hoping that they're not feel hurt by the way i'm treating them. it's like already in my nature, being the big sis.

8. pelik nape ako dtg keje lagy although keje tadek di opis. *sigh sambil golek golek*

oh dah la tuh. cukup cukup. sbb ako rase diri ako tak cukup pelik utk di'list'kan point-point yang seterusnye. tp tatau la klo bagi korang ako pelik. heh.

NEXT would be:
- ms Kimot
- ms Azwa
- ms Reha
- ms Reen

sorry gurls, ako mmg tak pandai main tag tag nih sebenarnye. tp just for an idea korang nak update blog. tanak buat pon takpe la, tapi klo sharing bagus jugak leh tau kan kan. hehe.

ta for now!

p/s: serius weih ako tadek ape ape ngan remi tuh. tolong la jgn buat spekulasi.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bad Nightmare

tough week peeps. just because my good friend have a nightmare.


what would you do, in a situation that you're stucked between your own priority and your best friend's (note BFF) priority. would you choose to have:

a. your priority first rather than having your BFF priority OR
b. your BFF's priority first rather than having your priority.

yes, you only can have one choice at that time. which one would you choose?

definitely we would want to opt for our priority but somehow if we do that, we're on the bad side; like we don't care about our BFF. like we will just let her stand alone in the dark without holding their hand. man, that's just so in-human of you! (thought said)

and what if we prioritize their's first? how's that gonna affect you inside out? your friend will be happy but yes, it will definitely affect you somehow depends on the matter you've been prioritizing. others been telling, "sacrifice for the one you love" but is it worth it to sacrifice for your BFF when it will make yourself damaged, just because you didn't follow your own heart.

look, whatever choice you make will affecting everyone around you, your BFF and you yourself. it's how you cope with it, how you look at it, how you managed the mess. i must say that i really don't mind to sacrifice as long as the person appreciate my effort, appreciate myself as a friend. and i do believe it's same goes to some of you.

being the bigger person is always have to be in our top list especially when someone who is dear to us, is in trouble or have some issue. we're the one who will always be there to support our friend. we're the trusted person.

who said BFF don't fight with each other. they do fight, they do have misunderstanding. but do they bitch about their BFF? a big NO here. although they're fighting, deep down inside them there's a lil sound shrieked "I missed her". and for the others who actually done the bitching without actually know the real story, it's truly show the immature side of you. boo-hoo to yourself. it's them who actually got into the fight, and you just making it worsen. it seem so simple that you don't like others to be happy. enuff said.

i really hope they're back together again. they used to be happy together, sit lepak-ing doing the girl's talk, sharing and updating stories; they're even like sisters already.

i really don't know why when she called that night, i nearly cried along with her, but i just feel that i need to be the bigger person and let her do all the crying. i barely can do anything except be a good listener, and to be there with her. i know it's not enough, but please stay strong babe.

me love you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Assignment by Miss Azwa & Miss Reha

1.Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?

let's see.. (i take person as a 'benda' too. haha)

- my beloved family; i really love their presence
- my beloved friend!
- the people around me. i do appreciate all of them cause from them i do learn something about lifeeeee :)
- my goals

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang anda beli dengan wang sendiri?

- ubat batuk cap ibu dan anaknye

3. Dimanakah tempat impian perkahwinan anda?

- at the beach, with the beach/garden theme but sah sah la pasir masuk mata (sbb pantai kite tak same dgn mat salleh) SO i guess the wedding will be just held at my house. duhh!

4. Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan anda akan berkekalan?

- is this a trick question?

:D i really do want it to last ever after after after (echo sket) but with a condition that he will always make me fall in love with him. perghhh demand

5. Adakah anda sedang di lamun cinta?

- i don't know, but i do like him :)

6. Dimanakah restoran terakhir anda makan malam?

- the very in-famous Terminal, cyberjaya

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang anda beli?

- forgot already

8. Apakah nama penuh anda?

- cik adik manis binti abang hensem hahahahahaha

9. Anda lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?

- dedue best bleh gang

10. Namakan seseorang yang anda ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?

- the previous me. walawey. i wanna tell her that please don't go on ruining your life

11. Christina atau Britney?

- i love them both. hihi

12. Adakah anda mencuci pakaian anda sendiri?

- yup. semestinye. tadek bibik nak disuruh

13. Tempat yang paling seronok anda mahu pegi?

- sekolah. (i am serious)

14. Pelukan atau ciuman?

- me want both of them! i am greedy!

15. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag anda

- oops. i got 2 person who have tagged me.

kite mulekan dengan cik Azwa:

- the first person i knew at satyam (first oke!) diikuti dengan cik mun
- sewel, gile, mereng. hahaha to be shorten: gile-gile
- the owner of miss Gebu
- got a beautiful eyes (tiru ayat slay mase ala ala orientation) ha ha
- a good laughter to be with

diikuti dengan cik Reha:

- dengan sukacita diumumkan dier mmg pandai menari zapin
- slalu diskandalkan dengan aghoo dimane ako tatau hujung pangkal citernye
- ala ala perempuan melayu terakhir
- hebat dlm menyikat rambut en syafiq halim (zaman dedolu skang dh tak blehhhhh!)
- pandai programming (ecewah ayat pancing)

16. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai

- bowling (tuh sbb reen panggil ako iqa bowling)
- dancingggg ye ako soookaaa dance
- dota
- bersukan (gile skema bersukan kenape tak mengumpul setem jugak)
- movie!
- lelaki
- lelaki
- lelaki


17. 8 buah buku yang paling terbaru di baca

- dota guide. enuff. zaman skang bace buku sket sket. surf banyak la cthnye blog. kan kan kan
padahal ako bace je. malas nak list down.

18. 9 lagu yang boleh saya dengar berulang kali

- kenape mintak 9 je bukan 50? aaaaa

- miss independent by neyo
- maybe by jay sean
- satu cd joanna wang
- that's not my name by the ting tings
- four to the floor by star sailor

- tshirt by shontelle

dah la tuh.

19. 8 perkara saya pelajari tahun lalu

banyak la. banyak sangat. sangat la banyak. takyah la citer. banyak. btol, sangat banyak

20. Mangsa tag seterusnya

ape lagy, cik nadxoxo la. dier rajingggg nak update blog dier. yg lain semestinye sudah ditag. kuang kuang kuang. oh ya. cik akim pon bleh gak. eh eh akim? mao buat tak? hehe

p/s: tak sabar nak gi gym esok. yeay!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend at Texas


i'm exhausted. it was just 2 days ago when i'm arrived here in Texas (read: Chukai), and tonight i'll be heading back to KL.

hey hey hey. please don't get me wrong here. it's not that i don't like being at my home sweet home. i love to be at home. really. it just the way back here; the journey that makes me feel exhausted. sitting in the car until my arse numb.

"walawey, bape jam la sangat KL ngan Kemaman tuh. banyak bunyik plak"

yes, it will just take only 4 hrs for us to reach Kemaman but the point is my arse is numbing at the extend you will want to move your body at every minute time. leave alone to scratch your arse when it's itching. very uncomfortable. and after you reached your destination, you will definitely do the strecthing. how's that? penat kan?

ok ok ako mmg saje cari pasal. ako penat je
. enuff said

tp yg penting ako happpppppy balik umah. hahahahahahaahhahahahahahah


my mom. everyone who has met her will definitely said that:

"eh, mak ko macam garang la. takoot"

"erm, mak ko tak marah ke ako datang umah nih?"

"ala segan la ngan mak ko"

dan ape ape lagy la.

padahal mak ako normal je tp biase la ngan anak anak dier mesti la garang sket. hahahahaha

btw, i'm not writing about her garang-ness la. dier kelakar ape. kih kih. she actually got this one habit that she always praticing it when we're not switching off our fan or the lights (note that we're not in our room at that time).

"bang, tadik kesian umie tgk kawan ko sorang-sorang dlm bilik tuh. tanak ajak kluar ke?"

"akak, kawan ko nih panas sangat ke dlm bilik nih. tanak ajak kluar ke?"

the actual thing is, we have no 'friend' there inside our room. and we all know that she's actually refering to the fact that we're not switching off our lights or fan.

so of course la kami kasik jawapan:

abang: "takpela umie, jap lagy abang join dier dlm bilik tuh jugak. it's ok. biarkan je"

me: "tuh la kesian kawan akak dlm bilik tuh panas. jap lagy akak ajak la dier kluar plak"

pastu umie mestilah "dahhhhhhhh dahhhhhh gi ajak kawan ko kluar!!!"

hahahahahhahahahhhhhahahahhahaa baru nak mencicit lari totop lampu kipas.

p/s: kami dah ajak kawan kami kluar demi umie. :D sayang umie
pp/s: kesian akim tgh tunggu turn nak blogging. eh eh nak men dota. ok la chao

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're Slackin' Off so Vote for the Worst

i know i should go for the most beautiful shot, or something that we want to see from our picture; that we're cute, good looking, lawa giler or ape ape je lah. but being me, i have TONS of beauty pictures of myself (hahahahahahahahahaha mmg ako perasan gile tp takpe sendiri sendiri perasan), i opt to put the other side of beauty. beauty from another angle which i called 'gamba failed'.

actually there are other pics that fulfilling our criteria (gamba failed) but i've choose the best 5 from all shots taken during Raya. (read: best for the worst).

oh. we don't want to waste any more time crapping, so here goes picture number 1!

drumroll please


ok. kalo nak diteliti lame lame pon bleh juling,
so tgk kejap je la. angle molot agak menarik, ditambah
dengan penggayaan jari ditepi.

yer saye tgh melayan blues di tepi daun daun yg melilit tiang umah


art bak kate akim.

fokus budak di tgh. yer saye pon tatau dier tgh
buat gaye ape, janji bleh masuk contest


erm.. no comment

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa failed sungguh!

p/s: gurls, me wurve u gurls so much! kreko sungguh kite, tak terkata lagy. hak hak hak

Citer Tahun Lepas

that one day..

me : aaaa nak beli buku P/S I Love You nihhhh. (sambil belek-belek bace summary kat blakang. )
him: haa beli je la.
me : :( tadek duit la. huwaa. hurm takpela.. lenkali saje la beli
him: la beli je la. bape sangat la harge buku tuh
me : hurm takpela. lenkali je. lalu bergerak ke area lain lak

a few mins after that..

me : erm, jom la. gi tmpt lain lak.
him: eh betol ker tanak beli buku nih? rugi tau.
me : tanak la. lenkali je. isk..
him: hey ape kate kite curik je buku nih. haha i penah buat dulu nih *evil smile*
me : erk, takmo la. dosa dosa dosa (sin sin sin)
him: ala lek la. (pastu laju je dier gerak kluar dari pintu MPH tuh)
me : b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gasp*

cuak cuak CUAK OKE! dier jalan kluar teros. *gasp kali kedua*

erk. but why there's no alarm as he went out there with the book! hurm..


Outside he lean himself closer to the glass, facing me, smiled widely.
He raised the book slowly with his right hand and..

i really can't truly expressed my feelings when i saw the receipt in his left hand.



in disbelief.

amek napas kakkkk
ok cool. i walked towards him slowly as i've managed to get myself back.

me : hey, ade resit??? sampai hati u!!! seb baik i tadek heart attack. kalau ade???? (buat muke)
him: hehehe. tadek la. ha, here's yours, P/S I Love You. *sengih sengih*

ok jom lari seblom dier nampak ako blushing

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the Siblings; Brother & Sistah

hye bertemu lagy kite di dalam rancangan karut marut. kali ini saye mahu membincangkan pasal topik sipi sipi dalam solat. so tadek la karut sangat. bergune nih utk tuan puan yg ade kemusykilan.

korang penah tak terkene yg korang tgh solat elok elok nih tetibe orang lain datang duk sbelah serongkan sket sejadah dier, berlainan dengan arah korang yg tgh solat nih. *note: venue selalu nye dekat surau yg carpet dier tadek line utk dijadikan guide tuh* for sure korang tgh pk "erk, alamak dier serongkan sejadah la". paling koman pon "aiseh abeslah ako angle lain sket bleh ke idak nih"

haha. sah tak kusyuk solat :P

anyway, solat kamu itu sah selagi tak membelakangi kiblat. tp tolong la dapatkan angle yg betol bagy memudahkan kite mendapatkan kekusyukkan di dalam solat. :D heee..

yer mmg ako la yg tak kusyuk tuh. isk isk ampun :(


arinih burfday cik nadhira kamal ridzwa kite dari johoRay (read: Johore). yeslah beliau sudah berumur 23 thn, tidak single & tidak available, dan sudah berpunye. haha.

semalam kami kononnye nak ronggeng celebrate burfday dier. ajak la si dhira nih. dier dah mamai (walaopon jam mase tuh baru kol 10 tp takpe ako paham sbb waktu tido dier). az-harr ajak lepak, dier ajak tgk hannah montana kontang tuh kat umah, isk isk. kami yg baik nih menolak dengan sopannye.

tetibe dier tepon balik nak join lepak. oh dear you're most welcome to drink with us (drink biase bukan booze :P). so patah balik amek dier, decided to go to Ole Ole Bali. quite nice jugak tempatnye. amek feel Bali walaopon tak penah nye jejak kaki disane. andddddd...

yer amek feel konon saye di bali

wah the drama started. jeng jeng jeng (amek feel lagy)


couple tua mabok smooching. haha tadek bende la. cit! citer basi (jakunnnn!)

we did have our good time there. with our naughty chat (refering to the statement above) and gossiping. it feels great to get to know her better in a girlfriend-to-girlfriend way rather than kakak ipar-to-adik ipar way (haha sumpah ako perasan nih weih). az-harr pon same naik ok bergossip. kih kih jgn marah en bf.

"arghh masamnye" kate dhira. iqa cam bese cool


sengih dhira jgn tak sengih

HAPPY BURFDAY DEAR NADHIRA. i know that u ain't reading this (pergh ghetto), it is just a simple birthday wish :)

somehow it felt like the time lepak-ing with my favourite gurls. *sigh* i'm starting to miss my girls again.

p/s: cepat balik cik Shireen. me and Aya can't wait to be the perfect trio again. :)

p.p/s: baru tahu reha pon burfday tp satu hari awal la. takpe still HAPPY BURFDAY TO U TOO!

Friday, October 10, 2008

cik Dejah-vuh yg kecoh

dari smlm lagy cik dejah duk memujuk saye suh letak entri pasal 10/10/08 nih. at first i wondered why she kept on insisting, then emi told me that it's her burfday. ako pon 'ooooooo'. budak x chomel punye burfday uwekk uwekk.

and somehow she managed to hack my pc (which is actually NOT because i left it unlocked but nad and dejah excitedly told me that dejah has succeed in hacking my pc so sbb burfday dier arinih, ngaku je la dier hack pc ako)

and she drew this

beriye suruh bukak monitor ade surprise katenye. ha nih la dier

yer tetibe speechless because i know i don't meant it tapi takpela burfday dier. biarkan je hahaha

anyway cik dejah,

happy birthday to u. selamat tua. selamat segalenye. semoge tua dengan chomelnye. macam cik iqa :P

and guess what i drew u this. yes i know i suck. but so what, the intention is what matters kan kan kan? :P

lawa yg nih ke yg dejah punye?

have a good day and years ahead! mwahs!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aca to Aussie

it's not even close to a hectic day (compared to Hari Raya which we've been here and there since 1st Raya) but the adrenaline of rushing to get her cuppies was somehow challenged me in a way.

*buat ala ala mengah semput sumer*

let see:

monday the 6th, straightly after work i went there to order the cuppies as cik kim yg masam said that the shop will only be closed at 9pm. but the shop is not open yet (yer somehow ako gamble je gi kedai tuh malas nak check internet. padan muke). there's a white paper stick onto the door stated 'will be opening back on 8th'. surely, a lil of frustation, and directly i called my sis to confirm her flight again.

:) happy news people. her flight is on 8th at 9pm.

so dengan hati bebunge riang, i drove back and have a meeting between my housemates about our lil 'open-house' and yes you're totally invited! :)

pastu pastu, kan cuppies has not be ordered yet, so yesterday i rushed there NOT that early in the morning (note: shop opened 9am, i went there 11am. hehe) to make sure that design wanted (high heels, bags & all the girls thingy) can be done by them but unfortunately they said that it's a short time notice and told me that they only can give me the default design. ala asal ade kan? i picked one design (which actually looked like hot pink in the picture but turned out to be pastel pink tp takpela jugak) and paid for the cuppies. thanks to cik adik kim yg masam sbb tolong picked up the cuppies back sbb kakak dier nih dah malas nak drive balik. haha

the pink haze cuppies

bla bla bla dah sampai klia...

she was shocked, speechless.
a lil of teardrop can been seen from her face when she received our pressie. she looked at me and hug me tight and i can feel her teardrops fell onto my shoulder.

Ha ye la sangat. Aca nak nanges ke? haha tgk citer melayu boleh la nak nanges :P

but she's indeed shocked and thanked us which she said that we shouldn't have to do all that tp ako tau ko ske kan kan kan. hihihihihi.

take care cik wan Aca. we all gonna miss you. in fact, i'm missing you now babe. sob sob. Raya tahun nih mmg best because all of us gather as one big family again, sharing the moment together like we used to. gile gile, big laugh plus umie pon dah terkene penyakit loyar buruk.

anddddddd HAPPY 21st BURFDAY! one year younger, one year wiser. jgn terbalik lak. heee

wurve u!

retro girl

gurls @ raye

** terlupe lak smlm aca ade mention jgn pakai lip gloss kat aussie bile summer/spring. kang ade lalat terlekat kat molot. haha

p/s: dejah type sendiri nih. dejah chomel. ye ke? :P btw siti patah hati en anuar 'patah'. pastu emi tanye name dier ade lagi tak? hihi ade kot

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

re-inventing my phase

i used to blog; using blogdrive. that time i do not have a lot of time to blog but as it's a trend and i'm being the good follower (haha) plus i'm an IT student (which remind me of the tech savvy that other peeps would think but i'm NOT!), i've make myself to write one. :P i DID write crap at that time. seriously. nothing beats my crappie writing, even if michael jackson turn black again still can't beat my writing. man, just imagining him black with that pointed nose and that dull eyes combo with that thin red lips would make me puke. erm, enuff of that.

basically, i want to write again because:

1. it's painful mind-numbing, dreary at the office *batuk kuat kuat*
2. i want to write all stuff that i have in mind. it can be positive, negative or neutral things and peeps, bare in mind that you may love or loathe my writing but just keep on reading if you love me. haha
3. i want to update myself easily especially with my cik wan Aca, cik wan Akim, cik wan Asha, cik kak Shireen & cik kak Rahaya and whom i'm not meeting them everyday or on usual basis. and too other peeps that i expected them to know more about me. cam cik Wawa ke sbb slalu gosip dari jauh dan sesape lagi la yg nak tau. *perasan nih*
4. i love the idea of having our writing on the net. it's totally not about gile glemer ke ape. it's about memori daun pisang la dipendekkan cerite. crappie writing and what-other-nonsense la. tp bile bace balik kelakar and give out the smile from the inside. that's what count.
5. my ultimate reason dulu, want to improve my writing in english. walaopon tak penah improvenye haha

anyway i do hope this blog would adding some colors to my phase now because i'm indeed searching for rainbow in my life. bla bla bla :P mmg hopeful abes la nih kirenye. sooooo...

GO IQA! hee..

oh btw, i need to credit someone. cik Nadxoxo yg sudi tunjuk care nak buat blog. trimas yer cik adik manis. and highlighted si cik Emi yg tak renti renti nak bace dari blakang walaopon dah emphasize tadik saye tulis tak best. ape ape je la :P there you go, a lil bit of my mind and definitely would be more afterthis.

P/S: cik wan Aca is going back to Aussie tomorrow. Pray hard peeps that she'll get the cuppie that she long for. Ameen.