Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Job Matter

i really need another job. a job that can occupy me jobs for 9 hours at the office without wandering around doing nothing. yer macam melangut depan pc buat buat bz. atau keluar lepak lepak. atau _______ (sile isi sendiri)

i do like free time, who doesn't? but if the free time means lingering like this for 1 year and a plus (and coming.. oh!), i would go nuts in no time. haha.

eh what? find something to fill in your free time at the office?

i really have enough to think more on what to do in my free time. dah mati kutu. i admit i'm not the one that will study during my free time. i'm the one who study last minute; means if i do get the job, and then i will go study for it. i'm not proud of it, but that's myself. i'm no angel to study during my free time without knowing what's waiting me. (ok mungkin ako patut berubah sket disini. hehe) and here, 1 year and a plus without any major improvement. nothing? yes, it is trully a big dissapointment.

but, can i survived out there without having good resume while working here in company xXx? ceh, ako pon dah tiru xXx. tajaan cikpest honestly, i don't know. i really don't. the last option that i have is just




i'm so happy for you dear! shie's coming home and hell yeah we'll rock KL like we used to! <3 u

p/s: aca tgh praktikal skang kat KLCC. bimbang plak ngan adik ako sorang tuh. huhu

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

He Wrote this while I'm Away

lurve her for her differences,
clumsiness, weirdness, ups and downs,

be the cure when she's sick,

miss her when she's not around,

accept her in all kind of nature,
tall, square, triangle, circle, cylinder, round,

be in the positive when she is in the negative,

hold her hand when she slips,

be the diary for her to spills her heart out,

scream together with her when she ever wanted to let her emotions out,

share her dreams, share her passion, share her fantasies..

try to pardon her mistakes,

immediately say sorry when u made one,

play along her favourite sports..bowling..

indulge together her favourite ice-cream..waffle berry strawberry..

read her blogs, share her thoughts, share her stories,

know her friends, respect her friends, befriend with her friends,

cuddle her like a baby, gently give a kiss on her cheeks while lying side by side under the starry night,

give her chocolate, she likes ferrero rocher..sent her flowers, she likes stargazer,

cherish her while she is here, in the heart where u will keep it dear...coz from the moment u open your eyes in the morning until u close it again at night, everything u do in between will always reminds u about her…


mao berenti mencarut. tetapi bagaimana? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

semalam, en bf ckp " you mencarut lagy, you kene bayar i seringgit" *pakai topeng garang*

wah wah. tatau ke, ako kan kedekut. maneleh bayar seringgit sewenang wenangnye. lagy lagy pasal bende yang tak berfaedah nih.

lagy lagy kalo dlm satu hari tuh, sploh kali carut. mao seploh hengget ako kene. kalo lebey?

isk. tanakla. baik makan kat tempat yang best. kan kan?

korang-korang, tolong-lah ako! *menangis sambil berguling-guling macam biase*


p/s: saye tahu saye jahat. saye tahu saye nih tak baik sangat. tapi saye ingin berubah jadik baik. baik sket pon takpe, asal ade kebaikan didalam diri saye. hidup ini hanyalah sementara. saye tanak jadik jahat selamanye. maafkan saye kerna mengeluarkan kate kate buruk itu.