Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Map Ke Kemaman

Wow, I'm getting married on this coming 12th! Excited? Honestly, I'm nervous and totally restless until today, which is 3 days more to the solemnization that will ties us both. Hehe.. *nervous laugh*

Anyway, you are likely to be invited to my wedding in Kemaman, Terengganu. Skali harung tuh bleh la declare "Hari Melawat Kemaman sambil makan Satar ngan Sotong Celup Tepung". Wieeeyyy!! :)

Below is the map to my house, and please make sure you do see every land mark that I've stated in the map, and I only drew the main traffic lights that you need to identify. And don't worry, there'll be signage on those traffic lights, so I really hope that you guys don't get lost while getting to my house. Heeee. Insya-Allah

**FYI, I've sent out the invitation card by POS Malaysia, but for unknown reason, some of my friends haven't got the card yet.. and maybe, the card haven't been received by you too... Please excuse any flaws as I have not expected this to happen. Sorry..

Jemput datang yer! ;)
** You can save the picture for better viewing, dah tak reti nak upload lelawa dh :P