Sunday, March 8, 2009

Have No Idea

umi's birthday (read: mom's birthday) is approaching soon, and i haven't decide on what to buy for her. seriously, she just can buy any desired thing with her own money.

comparing that fact with my salary (minus all commitment and bills and what-not), i just can't find the idea of what of to be given to her as her birthday present.

i do appreciate if you guys can suggest me gifts that i can give to her, as 'the gift' can be utilized at the fullest, unlike un-temp thing like flowers that can stay just for a few days. oh, and at moderate price also.

perhaps being a kid, it won't be too difficult in making decision on what to buy, eh?

asha. my youngest sister, have been known as a person that not afraid to show her love to our parents. and this is not meant by, being youngest, she's the one that has been showered with fully attention by our parents. she's totally independent for a teenager at her age, and has been treated fair and equal like us by them.

it's just, what differ me and her, she would ask my mom's hands, and kiss her hands and forehead before going to school, everyday which is unlike me who has been stayed at hostel before, was totally awkward when seeing her like that.

ako kan rebel. kate rebel. mane reti nak wat cemtu. dulu la skang tidak lagy!

got this one time, when she was little, i think she was around 8 or 9, she did something that i do remember it until this now. i do think it's cute for her to do that, and adorable too. :)

it was my mom's birthday and while others were just wishing her birthday, she shopped for my mom for her gift, and can you ever guess what she has bought for my mom?

a toothbrush and a small box of coco crunch kid size.

"nah, happy birthday umi!" said her innocently, and i do remember that i've cracked to tons of unstoppable laughter.

"ape nih. beli nih kat umi? kelakar la ko!" sambung gelak gelak.

and mom back her up said "at least dier kasik umi hadiah kan?" senyum umi.


yer ako terkedu. and after that, i would always remember to give my mom something for her birthday, to show and tell her, that i do LOVE her, that i do REMEMBER her birthday. (altho kadang2 terkantoi tak terkasik sbb tak berduit. hihi)

so, i do appreciate any suggestions from you guys. thanks in advance!